3 Creative Ways To Improve Your Real Estate Sales With Large Format Printing

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Whether you specialize in commercial properties or single family homes, creative marketing is often one of the keys to making a successful sale. While private property tours and residential open houses make up the backbone for selling a property, the days of the simple property flier are coming to an end. You need to step up your game to wow potential buyers with the features, and large format print can help. These tips can show you how.

Tip #1: Try Temporary Wall Graphics

Temporary wall graphics, printed on fabric or vinyl, can really drive home the selling features of a home or business property. A sign company with a large format printer can print these to your specs, so you can size them to cover an entry wall that greets prospective buyers as they enter a home or use even larger graphics to cover an entire blank wall inside an empty commercial space. These are especially effective in open house situations since it gives multiple visitors access to view the home's vital stats when your attention is divided among multiple interested parties. You can simply remove the graphics when you are done, with no damage to the walls.

Tip #2: Win With Window Clings

Much like wall graphics, window clings provide a large format way to advertise the features of a property. These are a good option to catch the attention of passers-by and people that stop to peek at a property before calling a real estate agent. You can print them to fit the large shopfront windows of a commercial space, or have them printed to the size of the glass door or a front window of a home you are selling. Use them as you would a sales flier – to convey the main features and selling points, and to share a few interior pictures.

Tip #3: Go Elegant With Easy Easels

Another idea that you can use in both commercial and residential spaces is the easel. If you are hesitant about using a wall graphic or window cling, displaying a mounted poster on an easel in an elegant large format is a way to convey the same information. You can even make use of easels in multiple rooms during a showing or an open house. Each easel will draw attention to the main features of the room. In smaller spaces, such as a bathroom, opt for smaller countertop easels to showcase key features.

To begin implementing these strategies into your real estate business, contact a local large format printer.