4 Winter Care Tips For Your Banner Sign

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Vinyl or fabric banners are a cost effective yet attractive way to advertise your business, whether they are used as a main sign or to show special events and offers. Winter weather can be hard on these types of signs, though, since they aren't made from the same sturdy material as more permanent options. The following tips can help you to keep these banners looking their best through the coldest months.

Tip #1: Consider the Wind

Winter winds can turn your banner into a ragged, holey eyesore – if the breeze doesn't simply tear the banner loose and send it flying through the sky. The way to avoid this is to choose a banner design that has pre-punched air-flow holes. If you have an older vinyl banner that doesn't have these holes, you can carefully cut your own slits with a sharp utility knife. You can also opt for more wind-friendly banner shapes. For example, feather banners are small vertical signs attached to a pole. They are designed to move with the wind, plus their narrow profile makes them more wind resistant.

Tip #2: Hang Them High

Most damage occurs near ground level in the winter. Road salts, sand, and drifting snow and ice can quickly eat away at a vinyl banner. If you normally have the banner mounted on stakes near the ground for summer, consider elevating it at least a few feet into the air for winter. Even better, hang it on the side of your building or in another location that is well away from the traffic spray. Pole banners, like feather banners, should also be situated so they won't get sprayed by winter road salts or accidentally buried by a passing plow.

Tip #3: Anchor Well

Wind and snow can blow away a banner quite quickly. Check all hanging grommets before fall arrives to make sure they haven't been torn or weakened over the summer months. In some cases, Mission Signs or another local sign store may be able to replace the grommets on banners that are in otherwise good condition. If not, it is time to consider replacing the banner completely. If your banner is mounted on stakes in the ground, choose stakes that go deeper than the average frost line in your location. This way they shouldn't come loose throughout the normal freeze and thaw cycles in your area.

Tip #4: Clean Periodically

Finally, take the time to wipe down the banner when temperatures are above freezing. Mild soap and water will remove the winter grime that builds up so your banner won't look dingy. It also removes any salts or ice melt solutions that get splashed onto it from nearby roads, which can help extend the life of the banner.