How the Signs In and Around Your Business Work for You

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The signs you use for your business do much more than inform people what hours you're open. They promote your brand and create some urgency in people to use your products and services. Don't ignore the creative use of commercial signs around your business. They are still a valuable part of your marketing efforts. Here are how those signs help your business to succeed.

Attracting Attention

Your signs capture the eyes of motorists and pedestrians as they pass by your business on their way to work or school or while they are doing errands. The signs generate curiosity in people who may not have noticed your business otherwise. They may stop in to see what it is that you do. Or they will keep the image of the sign in mind for when they may need a product or service that you offer.

Supporting Your Brand

Each of your signs should include your company's name, logo, and any slogans that you want to be recognized for. The more often people see those items, the more likely it is they will recall your business when they need one of your products or services. Don't ignore the use of logos and slogans on signs. Some people will find it easier to remember those parts of your brand than your company's name.

Give People a Reason to Stop

Your signs can encourage people to stop who need your product or services but have put the action off for a variety of reasons. Having a person stand outside of an oil-change service with a sign that says "10% Off Oil Changes Today" will bring in people who have been meaning to take in their cars for service. A sandwich board on the sidewalk advertising happy-hour specials entices people who have had a stressful day at work to come in and relax. Use your signs to tell people why they should make use of your business.

Tell People What You're Proud Of

You can use your signs to boast about your products and services. When done correctly, signs can make people want to challenge your claims. A sign stating "Best Happy Hour in Town" will bring in people who want to see what makes your happy hour so unique. Even apparently negative claims can spark the curiosity in people. A sign that says "We Have The City's Crankiest Baristas" will have some people stop by to test out your boast.

Show Your Support of the Community

People like to see the ways that a business supports the community. If you give money to local charities, hold an annual fundraiser for special programs, or support the local Little League team, you need to put that on a sign. When there is a choice, people will support a business that supports their community over one which has no noticeable presence in the community.

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