The Advantages Of Installing With Breakaway Sign Supports

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Breakaway sign supports offer fast, easy replacement of damaged signs. Breakaway sign supports are especially useful for traffic and directory signs -- such as the signs that might be found in a public parking lot or throughout a common area street. These signs are designed so that they can be removed without removing their concrete-mounted base. There are a few major benefits to utilizing breakaway sign supports over more traditional methods.

Sign Repairs and Maintenance Are Faster

With traditional signs, concrete often needs to be poured at the base. This slows the process down significantly because concrete takes at least a day or two to set. An ordinary sign will be a two day project, whereas a breakaway sign can be completed within a matter of a few minutes. Making sign repairs faster isn't just more efficient, it's also safer. A fast sign repair means that the sign will be up and operable more quickly and that road crews and other works don't need to spend more time on the job, potentially getting injured.

A Breakaway Support Is Cheaper to Replace

Rather than having to dig a hole and set a base, maintenance and repair crews simply break away the old sign and slide the new one into the post. This isn't just faster, it's also far cheaper. When replacing a breakaway support you'll save money on not only the digging and the supplies, but also your payments for labor. Since many signs will need to be replaced throughout the duration of their life, the cost savings grow over time.

Breakaway Supports Are Safer

Finally, breakaway sign supports are also far safer for drivers. Breakaway sign supports will fall down if they are struck by a moving object -- they are specifically designed  be able to be brought down without much force. In fact, many safety regulations are now being updated to require breakaway supports in many areas. Traditional signs are going to hold firm, which can be damaging or even data in the event of a high speed collision. 

Breakaway sign supports usually cost a little more to install initially but they save a lot of time and money long-term. In most situations, a sign will never be permanently removed and will always be in the same location -- so a reusable sign base simply makes sense. Breakaway supports are used throughout many applications, and can even be found in structures such as mail boxes.