5 Suggestions For Creating A Monument Sign

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Monument signs are one of the more distinctive ways to advertise a business or mark a location. If you're interested in this style of sign, it's a good idea to think about how to make the most of what you're planning to create. Here are 5 suggestions you should explore.

Understand the Sign's Location

It's wise to walk around the proposed installation site for the sign. Take a look at it from all angles and think about issues your target audience will have. For example, there might be nearby trees and shrubs that will have to be trimmed to improve visibility. Likewise, you might find certain visual background elements are noisy and may make reading the sign hard.

Distance and Readability

You'll also want to know how far your target audience will be from the sign. A good rule of thumb to use is that you'll need one inch of letter height for every 10 feet away the reader will be. This number goes up significantly if you expect the viewer to be in motion, such as driving a car past the sign along a highway.


If the sign needs to be readable at night, you'll have to think about how to light it. Many people use backlights, but you can also employ a spotlight.

You'll need to supply power to the lights. If you have a very sunny spot, you might be able to use a battery-backed solar system. Otherwise, a qualified electrician will have to run cabling out to the spot.

Simplify the Design

Do not challenge viewers with things like script-style fonts. Use a high contrast level between the lettering on the sign and background to promote readability, too. If you're going to use logos on your monument signs, make sure they're visually simple to prevent noisiness.

If you must use color for the sign, make good use of spot color. This is the practice of employing one or two solid colors in a design to emphasize the color. Otherwise, you might find that using many colors or photographic elements can create a visual traffic jam.

Know the Rules

Your local government may impose limits on the signage you're allowed to use. Contact the code enforcement officer for your locality to discuss what you can and can't do with monument signs. If the regulations are going to be problematic, you may be able to ask for a variance at a city council meeting.

For more information, contact a monument sign service in your area.