All About Monument Signs

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Your business's sign should be well thought out. It represents your business, and it will often be someone's first impression of your business. If the sign doesn't fit your image, is too small, looks too basic, or has other flaws, then this can be a big missed opportunity. You might want to go with a monument sign for the front of your business property. If you aren't familiar with monument signs yet, then the following information is going to help you learn more about them. 

The design of a monument sign

A monument sign sits ground-level. Its lowness to the ground makes it right at eye-level for those driving by, which really helps drivers be able to quickly take in what the sign says. If a driver has to first spot the top of the sign, focus their eyes, and then try to read the sign, then they will likely miss out on most of what it says. 

Monument signs are usually made from brick, stone, or stucco. They can also have a sign display that lights up with LED lights, so they are also easy to see after dark. Monument signs will most likely display the name of the business in the largest font that fits well and looks good. Then, other information can be shown in smaller font. It can include anything that's helpful to those passing the business property. This can include the days and hours of operation, the phone number, the website, etc. 

The placement of monument signs

Monument signs are often situated at whatever angle is going to make them easier to see for drivers. They also tend to be placed near the entrance to the driveway. This way, they help to guide drivers right onto the property, making it easy for them to know right where to turn in. 

Some benefits of a monument sign

Monument signs can come in such great-looking designs that they can help to improve the overall curb appeal of your business property. They can tie in well to your business's exterior as well. These signs help make your business become more visible and can help you to get more foot traffic. These signs tend to be made from very strong materials, so they will last a long time. Also, they can be designed so you can change the information on them easily. If you are looking for the right sign for your business, you should really think about going with a monument sign.

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