Upgrade Cabinet Sign Lights And Other Lighting Products

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Fluorescent tube lighting may lose its color and brilliance over time. This type of lighting usually consists of high-wattage bulbs that are susceptible to shorting out or breaking. Retrofitting a sign light will allow you to optimize the lighting output without spending as much money over the course of ownership.

Cabinet Lighting

Fluorescent tube bulbs are commonly used in cabinet lighting. Theater marquees, storefront signs, and advertisements that are set up directly on property typically feature a cabinet lighting style. This type of lighting tends to be expensive to operate. Some cabinet lights that have been constructed many years ago may contain light sockets that are not waterproof. If the cabinet design is not constructed well, excessive moisture could cause lighting to fail.

If you can remember some times when you saw subpar sign lighting that was flickering or that contained several bulbs that were dimly lit or not lit at all, you were probably viewing an older cabinet lighting product that contains fluorescent tubes. Cabinet lighting can be upgraded simply by swapping out fluorescent light tubes for LED lights.


Retrofitting involves using a kit to upgrade the sockets and lighting products that are used to illuminate a cabinet light. Retrofitting can also be used to improve the functionality of other sign light products that currently utilize fluorescent tubes. Retrofitting kits are designed to fit many light styles. Before you invest in new LED lights, you may want to research the potential cost savings that you can expect to receive once you upgrade the lighting on your property.

LED bulbs may initially cost more than what you would expect to pay for fluorescent light tubes. This investment will eventually pay for itself, however. Researching the cost to operate a particular type of sign light will indicate that you will eventually save money when operating the signage. In addition, LED light products tend to be designed better than fluorescent light tubes. Light tubes are constructed of glass, which makes them highly susceptible to breakage.

A lighting installer may offer a retrofitting service that will aid with upgrading your signage. Contact an installer who has been trained to upgrade sign lights. They will need to assess the type of sign lights that you own to determine which type of retrofit kit will be needed for the upgrade. The cabinet lighting or other type of lighting that you own will be taken apart during the retrofitting process. Afterward, a lighting installer will reassemble the sign lights. 

For more information about sign light retrofitting, contact a local company, like Cardinal Sign Corporation.