What to Consider When Creating a Sign that Stands Out

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Designing the perfect sign is not just an art, it's also science. Your sign should attract and engage potential customers while also accurately representing your brand. Whether you are designing a sign for a retail store, restaurant, or company office, a lot goes into creating something that stands out.

The Location

The placement of your sign is essential in terms of visibility. Before you start designing your sign, you need to determine where it will be located. Will it be above the entrance, hanging from a pole, or mounted on the building's exterior? When you determine the location of your sign, you can figure out the dimensions and the nature of the design work that will be required to make it more noticeable.

The Readability

A sign's primary purpose is to communicate a message clearly and quickly. The typeface and lettering of your sign should be easily read from a distance. Choose a font that is readable and visually appealing. Do not use too much information to avoid confusing the audience. Include only vital data, such as your company name, logo, and maybe a tagline.

The Material

Your sign's material is also crucial. The material you choose should be durable enough to withstand weather conditions, sunlight exposure, and general wear and tear. Common sign materials include vinyl, acrylic, metal, and wood. Consider the environment your sign will be in when selecting a material and make sure the sign's installation is safe and secure.

The Contrast

Your sign should have high-contrast colors to make it visible and readable even from far away. The color of your sign should match the theme of your brand, and it should be easy to recognize. Avoid choosing colors with similar shades that might make it difficult to perceive letters and images on the sign. Rather, opt for complementary or contrasting colors that will attract attention.

The Lighting

When designing your sign, it's essential to consider lighting options. You want your sign to be readable at any time of the day or night. Think about if your sign should be illuminated. This can be achieved using traditional lighting methods, LEDs, or neon tubes. Your business's hours of operation will also determine the type of lighting you need for the sign, whether it may be lighted all night or according to your business hours.

Designing your sign is a crucial element of branding. It needs to attract and engage customers, be easily read, and accurately represent your brand. By considering the factors mentioned above when designing your sign, the final product will be more effective in promoting your business and captivating your audience. Browse around for sign companies in your area today to learn more.